Reference: LCD-322

D-Lactate dehydrogenase

D-Lactate dehydrogenase from Microorganism D-Lactate + NAD+ ---> Pyruvate + NADH + H+ D-Lactate + NAD+ <--- Pyruvate + NADH + H+ This enzyme is used for enzymatic determination of numerous metabolites, e.g.ATP, ADP, glucose, creatinine, pyruvate, lactate and glycerol, and of enzyme activities, e.g.GPT, PK and CPK when coupled with the related enzymes.
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  • Product name: (R)-Lactate: NAD+ oxidoreductase
  • Appearance: White amorphous powder lyophilized
  • Activity: 600U/mg-protein or more
  • Stability: Store at -20°C for at least 12 months
  • Molecular weight: approx. 140,000 (by gel filtration)
  • Isoelectric point: 4.0
  • Michaelis constant: 1.6×10-4 M (pyruvate, pH 7.0)
  • Inhibitors: Ag+, Hg2+, SH-reagents
  • Optimum pH: 6.0-7.0
  • Optimum temperature: 35-40°C
  • pH Stability: pH 5.0 - 9.0 (25°C, 48hr)
  • Thermal stability: below 45°C (pH 7.0, 15min)
  • EC #

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