Company profile - Pharmaceutical raw material suppliers 

Since the beginning the company has always been only focused on high quality products and services and we provide pharmaceutical raw material and technical support to diagnostic reagent producers all around the world since nearly 40 years.

We can supply Thermostable Enzymes, all the key chemicals used for reagent manufacturing (buffers, coenzymes, stabilizers, detergents, etc.) and also "know-how" to produce clinical chemistry reagents.
Our warehouse is located in North of Spain and allow us to ship very easily in all the European countries but also worldwide through the Barcelona international airport.

On the same location we have our QC and R&D lab where our team checks all the products and develops new formulations. Don't hesitate to inquire for any technical request you could have.

Our values

Our only goal: to be YOUR PARTNER more than a single pharmaceutical raw material  supplier.
Sorachim is ISO 9001:2015 certified by AFNOR Certification and dedicates time and outmost attention to the quality of the Enzymes and critical raw materials to ensure a reliable and efficient production of the reagents by our customers.
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Client service

Our R&D team is always available in order to help our customers to set-up the reagents they want to produce and also to help them to solve any problem they could face during the production.


Quality is our priority: all our products are carefully selected and tested to be sure they comply with our high quality requirements.

As a standard quality procedure, we do test our enzymes and chemicals by formulating ourselves all the classical diagnostic reagents.
Our biochemicals for diagnostic and research are strictly tested to comply with your highest requirements. All of them are also CE marked. Contact us!


Supplying high quality products and constantly optimizing a good service are our main concerns; meeting your expectations at the earliest is our daily target. Your satisfaction keeps us trying hard anyway improving and gives its sense to our action.

Sorachim team makes all the efforts to provide you the best possible experience, so the meetings we set up with you, any technical detail, the evaluation surveys that we send you, and all our exchanges, give us the ways to better attend you and improve.

Sorachim acts as your trusty partner; hence, we give priority to your emergencies and care our valuable relationship on a long-term basis. Reliability, reactivity, high listening skills, continuity: key ideas which summarize our commitment.

Our international sales team

The team can be freely contacted here.

Mr Christophe Ricaud

General Manager

Mr Raphaël Kichenama

Technical director and Quality System Management

Mr Josep-Maria Coma

Sales Manager

Mrs Beste Nur Şengezer

Sales Manager, based in Turkey

Mr Josep Bosch

Purchasing Manager and Logistic department

Mrs Sayako Ogawa

Sales Representative

Mrs Marta Reixach

Quality control and Research & Development

Mr Mickael Marquez

Business Development

Mrs Gloria Parra

Technical Sales Area Manager

Mr Gerard Sala

Sales Representative