Reference: LCD-209

L-Lactate dehydrogenase

L-Lactate dehydrogenase from Pig heart L-Lactate + NAD+ ---> Pyruvate + NADH + H+ L-Lactate + NAD+ <--- Pyruvate + NADH + H+ This enzyme is used for enzymatic determination of numerous metabolites, e.g.ATP, ADP, glucose, creatinine, pyruvate, lactate and glycerol, and of enzyme activities, e.g.GPT, PK and CPK when coupled with the related enzymes.
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  • Product name: (S)-Lactate: NAD+ oxidoreductase
  • Appearance: Crystalline suspension in 1.6M ammonium sulfate solution
  • Activity: GradeⅡ350U/mg-protein or more
  • Contaminants: Malate dehydrogenase ≤ 2.0×10-2%
  • Myokinase ≤ 1.0×10-2%
  • Pyruvate kinase ≤ 2.0×10-3%
  • Stability: Stable at 5℃ for at least one year
  • Molecular weight: 115,000±6,500
  • Michaelis constants: 2.5×10-2M (Lactate), 1.0×10-2M (Pyruvate)
  • Structure: 4 subunits per mol of enzyme, E1%1cm at 280 nm=11.52 (Biuret method)
  • Inhibitors: I, Ag, Hg2+, p-chloromercuribenzoate, LDH inhibitors (formed from NADH)
  • Optimum pH: 6.0-7.4
  • Optimum temperature: above 60℃
  • pH Stability: pH 6.0-8.0(23℃, 22hr)
  • Thermal stability: below 50℃(pH 7.4, 10min)
  • EC #

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